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Machining/Welding Division

Yuba DredgeThe machine division is responsible for design and fabrication of custom components, repair of worn out dredge components, installation, welding and customization of needed parts. One of our most recent projects completed was the engineering and manufacturing of the "main drive brake" installed on Yuba Dredge No. 17. This is a disc type brake with an 8 foot diameter rotor and 6 - 100 ton brake calipers; this brake is capable of holding the bucket chain weighing 400 tons.

The machining division at Yuba Industries occupies over 75,000 square feet of space. It is outfitted with 4 lathes, 2 horizontal mills, a large vertical mill, 600 ton press, automated submerged arc welder, 10 welding machines, automated pattern cutter, and hundreds of thousands dollars worth of various tooling and miscellaneous equipment.

The welding in the machine shop is done with some of the latest technology and equipment on the market. With 9 digital inverter welders ranging up to 450amps, AC/DC welders up to 600amps, and 5 wire feed welders, we are able to weld to unlimited thicknesses. We weld solid, inner shield and duel shield process in wire and stick welding ranges from 3/32 – 1/4. For cutting of steel we have many processes such as plasma; up to ½" cut, oxy/acc cutting up to 6", band saws, chop saws, track and pattern torches. With over 45,000 square feet of building space and some of the best welder/fabricators in the area on staff, there is almost no limit to what Yuba Industries can do.



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